Selected Features

Maintenance Dashboard

This feature enables a dashboard which will represent the Automation Control connection layout of the house.

Heart Beat Test

This is a remote Test that is done on the installed hardware by the Kaiser Technical team to assess the strength & functioning of the installed hardware on a periodic basis.

Coming Home

When a designated member is returning back home, Kasier will identify the person at a certain distance from the house and will automatically start the functions in the house.

Presence Based Automation

Kaiser will identify the presence of a person entering a room and the various pre decided features will be activated automatically

Smart Switch

This is a Kaiser Smart Switch – Touch Panel, that is provided on the individual switch boards.(In addition to the Main Control Touch Panel)

Universal Remote

Kaiser Universal Remote will be used for controlling TV, Music System, ACs, Amazon fire Stick.

Kaiser Smart Device Controls

This is an intelligent feature in which Kaiser will communicate with smart equipments. eg Music System Smart Playlist Song Query & Tuning Phillips Light hue Control Amazon Firestick Channel Query & Tuning

Usage of Power points

Thru this feature, designated members will be informed on the active power points in their absence.

LPG, Water leak events

In case of any LPG gas / water leak in the kitchen, this feature will send an immediate danger alert to the members via SMS/Email/Distress Calls.

Kaiser Smart Control-Camera

This is a premium feature which intimates the members of any intrusion into any out of bound areas/rooms, any attempt to tamper.

Calling Bell Alert

When the calling Bell rings, Kaiser will intimate designated members via E-Mail/SMS/Call

Face Recognition

Kaiser will recognize visitors from its database and intimate the designated members

Mobile handset recognition

Kaiser will identify handsets carried by visitors from its database and sent the intimation accordingly. This is an augmentation to the face recognition feature

Remote interaction with Visitors

Members can communicate with visitors at the Main Door via a Microphone-Speaker/Video Door Phone

Perimeter Intruder Alert

In case an Intruder breaks a window glass for entry into the house, the designated members will receive an immediate alert of the incident via SMS/Email/Distress Calls

Camera Streaming

The designated members will receive a real time continuous feed from the CCTV cameras installed in their home.

Reaction to Climatic change

Thru this feature, the functioning of lights and other equipments in the house will be adjusted to climatic changes – like advent of lighting, thunder etc.

Vacation mode

Thru this feature, if the house is empty for long periods then this feature can be activated to ensure that the lights in the house will function so as to give an impression of member presence

Child Mode

Thru this feature, parents can control the use of equipments like TV, Music System, Oven etc in their absence.

Equipment Power Usage

Power usage pattern will be given automatically generated and can be viewed on the dashboard

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